Retreats and Conferences

Our annual retreats and conferences give students the opportunity to step away from campus while deepening their faith and building lasting memories.


Retreats allow students to take a break from the demands of college life and refocus on God.


These programs provide spiritual activities, discussions and reflections, and fun games. On our retreats, we build community and relationships while having a great time!


Our retreats are a wonderful time to relax, meet new people, and learn more about the Catholic Faith.

Fall Retreat

Our fall retreat focuses on keeping students rooted in the faith by exploring an important Catholic topic. In our 2018 fall retreat, students learned about Lectio Divina. In 2019, students dove into the topic of Theology of the Body. Every year, different guest speakers join our retreat to give talks on the themes. Small group discussions are led by the peer ministers; helping students to have a deep and meaningful understanding of the topic. Fun and games are always provided. Glow sticks, anyone?























Winter Retreat (SEARCH)

The winter retreat, referred to as SEARCH, is full of surprises. It is a time to encounter the love of Jesus in a deeply personal way. This retreat is abounding with mystery, and it is an experience that will likely stick with students for a very long time.















Spring Retreat

Spring retreat is a casual camping outing. On this retreat, we enjoy the beauty of God’s creation, have fun, and spend time with great people! The peer ministers give spiritual talks and participate in small group conversations with students. Destinations may include Silverwood Theme Park in Idaho or The Grotto in Portland.  Camping equipment can be provided if needed. Expect s'mores! 



Through CCM, students can attend inspiring, faith-filled conferences. Exciting speakers and important topics spur conference attendees to a deeper understanding and love for Catholicism.


Students will leave these events on fire for their faith and ready to spread it across campus, and the world!

Past conferences CCM has attended include the Ignite Conference, Immersion Evangelization Training Intensive, the Church Mission Congress in Yakima, and the Cornerstone Catholic Conference.