Daniel Hartmann

Daniel grew up in Bothell, Washington. He is 20 years old and is a sophomore at CWU. Daniel plans on majoring in Elementary Education with a specialization in Special Education.


Daniel lives for God, sports, and family. He enjoys soccer, football, skiing, and many other sports. Daniel loves working with kids. In the winter, he works as a ski instructor at Alpental. In the summer, he is a camp counselor at the YMCA.

Daniel loves being Catholic because he knows so many great people! As a Catholic, he gets to have a very special relationship with God. Daniel's faith is extremely important to him.

Jeffrey Harn

A drifter and a mystery. Jeffrey Harn was born and raised in Olympia, Washington in a large Catholic family, the Harns. All the Harns—immediate and extended family—live within a five-mile radius of each other, letting Jeffrey grow up alongside his six aunts and uncles and his eight cousins. This means Jeffrey is no stranger to teasing, so make fun of him as much as you want, he enjoys it. Jeffrey’s grandfather continues to be Jeffrey’s main influence for his strong faith.


Too cool for school, Jeffrey did Running Start at South Puget Sound Community College and graduated high school with his associates in arts. Jeffrey now attends Central Washington University and is in his junior year in the Mechanical Engineering Technology program. This is Jeffrey’s second year here at Central.


Jeffrey enjoys anything that allows him to utilize his natural creativity. He enjoys drawing, photography, videography, and playing Xbox. Jeffrey’s main interests include Halo, cars, EDM, weapons, paintball, and chickens (he owns ten). Do you want to start conversation with him? Bring up any of those topics. Check out his YouTube Channel by searching the username “DART FROGGY.”

Ambree Hollenberry

Ambree is 22 and is a senior here at Central Washington University. She is studying Psychology and Behavior Analysis with a minor in Philosophy. Currently, she is also a TA for a class on professional obligations in mental health counseling and is a Research Assistant in the Psychology department. After college, she plans to work in a clinic or through Catholic Charities as a behavior analyst for children.

Ambree is passionate about her faith, art, and knowing how the mind works in order to help others. Ambree enjoys painting, Bible journaling, learning how to play the kalimba, and spending time with friends (and wedding planning! She is currently engaged and is getting married in the church on August 1st, 2020!). She loves all things sci-fi (especially Doctor Who and Star Wars).  What she loves about being Catholic is being able to always show her faith through prayer, as well as being part of a universal church!

Kiana Rose

Kiana grew up in Portland, Oregon in a large Catholic family. As the oldest of five children, she has experienced the many joys and sorrows of sibling life. When Kiana was in third grade, her mom decided to homeschool her and all her younger siblings. This learning-rich environment allowed Kiana to explore and live out her Catholic faith in a deep way. Homeschooling also gave her the opportunity to explore her hobbies and interests.


During her early childhood, Kiana's obsessions ranged from horses to dinosaurs to Star Wars. At the age of eight, however, a specific field seized her imagination — ornithology. Kiana went on bird walks, drew birds, started a collection of bird books (now numbering around 300), and even made her room into a bird museum! When she was nine, Kiana also began photographing birds. Over the years, she has won ten awards for her nature photography. You can check out her work at www.artofbirding.com.  Kiana's passion for birds, art, and photography continues to this day.

Before starting high school, Kiana moved with her family to the tiny town of Yacolt, Washington. As a teen, she read multiple books about animal intelligence and became fascinated with great apes. For her junior year, she decided to participate in the Running Start program at Clark College. She graduated with her A.A. in Biology in 2018. 


Today, Kiana is 20 years old and is a senior here at Central. She is majoring in Ecology & Evolutionary Biology and Primate Behavior & Ecology through the Douglas Honors College. In the fall of 2020, she plans on starting the Primate Behavior Master's program at CWU. Eventually, she wants to conduct field research on wild birds and apes. 

At CCM, you can find Kiana studying (for the millionth time) or singing at the top of her lungs — often while washing dishes. Kiana absolutely loves singing in the CCM choir! She also finds great peace going to adoration in CCM's very own adoration chapel. Most of all, Kiana loves the incredible beauty and truth of everything the Catholic Church teaches! 

Marcus Ayers

Marcus grew up Catholic in Salem, Oregon. He came to CWU in 2005 to receive degrees in history and geography. During this time he got confirmed through CCM in 2010. After graduation, Marcus got married and moved to Olympia to be with his wife, Emily.


After three years away, he was drawn back to campus ministry at CWU in 2015. Returning to CCM has been a blessing for Marcus and his family. They look forward to serving the students of Central and pushing them to be active Catholics in their community.

Contact Marcus at marcus.ayers@yakimadiocese.org if you have any questions about CCM.

As a team, we enjoy close bonds and face a variety of experiences together. Some moments are serious, some are downright hilarious!

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