Our Team

CCM is made up of a small team of dedicated staff and volunteers who are committed to following God and sharing the joy of the Catholic Faith!

Peer Ministers

CCM is a student-led community. This means that a large number of our events are planned and led by students. Most of this is done by our peer ministry team.


Peer ministers (PMs) are full-time students at CWU who have a passion for this community and thus choose to dedicate a year of service to CCM. They can often be found hanging out at the CCM House and participating in CCM events.

2021-2022 PMs

NEW PM Team Info Coming Soon

Allie Cerny


Allie is 19 years old and is in her sophomore year at Central Washington University. She’s leaning towards a major in Psychology and a minor in Family and Child Life. After college, she’s planning on getting a counseling job where she can help young adults during their times of need.

Allie is passionate about reading, writing, her faith, and of course, napping. She enjoys rainy days, spending time with her family and friends, and getting to know new people. After college she would like to move back to the west side of the state in order to start her career and be closer to her family.

Allie's favorite part about being Catholic is the community within a universal church. She’s made some of her lifelong friends through her home parish and through CCM. Allie can’t wait for this year and hopes to share her faith with all of the new (and old) comers at CCM.

Campus Minister

The campus minister is here as a support staff for students. He is happy to help you, and is a great resource for faith questions. Feel free to stop by the CCM House during the week and just chat.

Marcus Ayers


Marcus grew up Catholic in Salem, Oregon. He came to CWU in 2005 to receive degrees in history and geography. During this time he got confirmed through CCM in 2010. After graduation, Marcus got married and moved to Olympia to be with his wife, Emily.


After three years away, he was drawn back to campus ministry at CWU in 2015. Returning to CCM has been a blessing for Marcus and his family. They look forward to serving the students of Central and pushing them to be active Catholics in their community.

Contact Marcus at if you have any questions about CCM.