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The CCM House is now open for events with limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.



This quarter we will be doing more events at the CCM House and less on Zoom. If you are planning on coming to the house, please be responsible and respectful of others. Make sure you are not sick, please wear a mask, and know we will have to limit numbers (see the schedule of events for details about each of them). We will continue to offer some events on Zoom in case we don't have enough room for everyone at the house or if you prefer that method of interaction.

For more information, please contact Marcus Ayers, Campus Minister, at marcus.ayers@yakimadiocese.org. 

For the Week of May 3rd-May 9th




  • Catholic Chats, 7pm at the CCM House and on Zoom (https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81780182790 Password is 706)

  • This week Seminarian Kyle Rink (aka Mikaela's brother) will be talking about discernment, the path God has lead him on, and how we can follow God's call for us. 

  • We will have dinner available at 6:30pm (Enchiladas)

  • If you want to attend in person, please sign-up by replying to this email or contacting Allie    



  • Lawn Games and Ice Cream, 7pm at the CCM House. We will have badminton or (maybe) volleyball, spikeball, and lots of other fun lawn games. Plenty of ice cream too, so invite a friend or two.  



  • CCM on CAMPUS Mass, 7pm in the SURC Theater. No reservation needed.


  • Other Masses (5pm Saturday, 9am, 11:15am in Spanish, and 5pm on Sunday) at St. Andrew's (401 S Willow St) call 509-962-9819 or email standrewparish@yahoo.com for a reservation

Catholic Campus Ministry (CCM) is the Catholic Church on Central’s Campus. We provide a supportive space for students to learn about their faith and share it with others.