Weekly Events

Sunday - Mass

This is the most important event CCM provides on a weekly basis as the Eucharist is the source and summit of our faith (CCC). Click here to read more about mass on campus.

Monday - Bible Study

Weekly time to break open scripture, listen to what God is trying to say to us, and share different perspectives. This is led by one of the peer ministers. Click here to read more about Bible Study.

Tuesday - RCIA and Confirmation Classes

Led by Mr. Jeremy Hochstein, these classes prepare students to receive sacraments of initiation. These classes continue throughout the year excluding the summer. Preparation time varies depend on the individual and where they are in their faith journey. Classes begin in September and it is never too early to sign up. No obligation to receive sacraments.

Wednesday - Fireside Chat

One of our most popular weekly events where the CCM community gathers to share a meal and deepen their faith and understanding of church teaching.

Friday - Women's Group

A student led group at an on campus coffee shop where women come together and look at inspirational women of faith and reflect how we can imitate their strong faith in our own lives.

Friday - Social Events

Most Friday evenings we gather together to build strong relationships and community while having tons of fun. This can include going to the trampoline park in Yakima, staying at the CCM to play board games, having a BBQ or a playing a campus wide game of capture the flag to name a few.